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Fresco Unveils Its Secondary Micro Factory

The Micro Factory Marks the Second Phase of the Norwegian EV Company's Assembly Operations in Norway

OSLO, Norway, April 9, 2024 - Fresco Motors AS ("Fresco"), a Norwegian technology company, is pleased to unveil their secondary micro factory. Distinguished as the prospective assembly nucleus for the company's visionary electric vehicles, this cutting-edge facility establishes an unprecedented benchmark for environmentally conscious manufacturing in the automotive industry. Upon completion, it will proudly claim the title of being the world’s northernmost automotive factory, underscoring its commitment to innovation and sustainable practices.

“This facility represents our dedicated micro factory, which is exclusively tailored for the assembly of our electric vehicles,” said Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO & Member of the Board of Fresco Motors AS. “It epitomizes our commitment to precision manufacturing and advanced technology, embodying the next phase in our strategic vision for the future of electric mobility.”

“For the development of this facility, we have adhered to a pragmatic and efficient approach, aligning seamlessly with the challenging climate of Norway,” added Espen Kvalvik, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Fresco Motors AS. “Designed with our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainable practices, we have chosen a conventional exterior design that resonates with the traditional aesthetic of Norwegian design, striking a harmonious balance between modernity and cultural heritage.

Furthermore, Fresco emphasizes that the inception of the micro factory represents a purposeful and strategic investment in the ongoing trajectory of Fresco Motors AS.

“The establishment of the micro factory stands as a resolute testament to our deliberate and forward-thinking investment in charting the future course of Fresco Motors AS,” said Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CFO & Member of the Board of Fresco Motors AS. “With a strategic vision that prioritizes sustainability and innovative practices, this facility serves as a pivotal manifestation of our commitment. Notably, the incorporation of solar panels that seamlessly span the entirety of the roof underscores our dedication to environmentally conscious solutions, setting a high standard for progressive and responsible manufacturing practices within the automotive industry.”

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Fresco Motors AS is a Norwegian technology company, with a primary focus on advancing the development of electric vehicles. Our dedicated focus on advancing sustainable transportation solutions underscores our commitment to innovation. For further insights into our pioneering work, we invite you to explore our official website at

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