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Investor type
Number of shares


  • Price per ordinary share: €1

  • Minimum amount of shares per order: 1000 shares


  1. You will be legally committed to pay the invoice, which will be found in your email inbox shortly after we are finished with your background check.

  2. Once the invoice has been paid, we will register you as a new shareholder in our internal shareholder book.

  3. You will receive an email with an attached PDF for you to attach your signature onto for share registration purposes.

  4. You will then receive an email from the company stating that you have been included in the shareholder book and what is registered in it. This email will also include a signed version of the Shareholder's Agreement.

  5. By sending us the form, you agree with all of the terms and conditions within the shareholder's agreement, and you are allowing us to generate the agreement using your information.

  6. The share transfer is then reported to the Shareholder Registry in Norway.

Every investor will be given access to exclusive happenings such as test drive events in Trondheim, Norway.


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