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Fresco Unveils Its Future Energy-Positive Campus

Fresco Campus is the Norwegian EV company's future energy-positive headquarters

Oslo, Norway, March 8, 2022 - Fresco Motors AS ("Fresco"), a Norwegian technology company, is pleased to announce its plans for its future corporate campus. While being powered by both solar and wind, Fresco Campus aims to become one of the world's most energy-positive facilities.

"We fully believe that a company should be more than its products. However, it's a very rare thing that companies stand for something. Therefore, we are excited to unveil our long-term objective, which is Fresco Campus," said Espen Kvalvik, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Fresco. "It includes everything that can be found in a healthy city, which is everything from office spaces, subterranean production facilities, malls, apartment buildings, lovely parks, etc. It's time to revolutionize the work-life experience."

"Most people on this planet hate going to work, but work is absolutely essential for the survival and further development of our species," added Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO & Member of the Board of Fresco. "It's time to rethink the way we both work and live. Through Fresco Campus, we aim to achieve a balance between those two elements, while doing so through an energy-positive facility."

"Without mentioning any names, we all know of these larger-than-life companies that are promoting sustainability. However, they choose to outsource their work to highly unethical companies," added Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CFO & Member of the Board of Fresco. "Some of these companies even have suicide nets around their facilities. Looking away from the extremity of that example, most people do not really enjoy their time at work. They would rather do something more exciting and giving, and I might be projecting my own values here, but I firmly believe that most people would much more enjoy creating exciting products in a healthy work-life environment, rather than doing so for a soulless corporation while being in a concrete jungle."

Fresco informs that they are interested in working with any country that would like to host their Campus, as long as their offers and prospective campus plots fit the essential practical criteria.

  • Located by the ocean, train tracks, and airports for easy global shipping;

  • An already existing workforce that can build and maintain the facility; and

  • Available resources to build the facility out of.

"Through Fresco Campus, we aim to employ thousands of people, and operate in an environmentally friendly manner," said Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO & Member of the Board of Fresco. "As of today, we are opening up to receive official offers, and start conversations with government officials."

If any country is interested in hosting Fresco Campus, ask an official representative to contact Fresco on

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About Fresco Motors AS

Fresco Motors AS is a Norwegian technology company based in Oslo, Norway focused on the development of electric vehicles.

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