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Fresco Announces the Unveiling of Its Updated All-Electric Fresco XL

Fresco XL is a fully electric and environmentally friendly POD with a Norwegian Design

OSLO, Norway, March 4, 2024 - Fresco Motors AS ("Fresco"), a Norwegian technology company, is pleased to announce they will unveil the updated Fresco XL on on the first of April at 12:00 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time). The Fresco XL is an electric vehicle distinguished by its all-electric propulsion system, completely devoid of an internal combustion engine. This design choice ensures that drivers can enjoy an uninterrupted and powerful driving experience, free from the disruptive noise commonly associated with traditional combustion engine vehicles.

“It is with incredible delight that we formally announce our commitment to presenting an exemplary electric pod originating from the esteemed landscape of Norway, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility solutions," said Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, COO & Member of the Board of Fresco. “In alignment with this commitment, we are excited to share that we have chosen to unveil an enhanced version of the Fresco XL, a confirmation to our unflinching interest of greatness within the electric vehicle sector. This unveiling not only signifies a key milestone in our journey but also reinforces our vow to supply cutting-edge, environmentally conscious transportation solutions that resonate with the expectations of our esteemed and valued customers."

Featuring a spacious interior and a sleek, minimalistic Norwegian design, the Fresco XL comfortably accommodates up to nine passengers. Designed by Espen Kvalvik, the Fresco XL stands out on the road as a unique vehicle, with a distinctive goal of integrating both internal and external technologies.

"In line with our unique Norwegian design language, we have perfected the aesthetics of the all-electric Fresco XL," said Espen Kvalvik, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Fresco. "Through the innovative curation of an interior that stands as a distinctive departure from prevailing market offerings, we have not only manifested a unique and unparalleled aesthetic, but we have also meticulously fine-tuned the exterior design to enhance its practicality and functionality, thus ensuring that our all-encompassing approach to the vehicle's design surpasses conventional boundaries, delivering an unparalleled blend of style and utility."

"Within the domain of technological progressions, we have adopted a vital approach including both exclusive advancement and the integration of components sourced from esteemed suppliers," added Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CFO & Member of the Board of Fresco. "Whereas leveraging the unwavering quality of select accessible components from esteemed suppliers, we concurrently engage in comprehensive in-house innovative advancement. This meticulous dual-pronged strategy not only ensures the seamless integration of proven industry components but moreover encourages the creation of bespoke advances custom fitted to meet our exacting specifications, subsequently bracing our commitment to technological excellence and delivering an extraordinary product."

Fresco will be unveiling the updated Fresco XL on April 1, 2024, at 12:00 p.m. CEST on

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Fresco Motors AS is a Norwegian technology company, with a primary focus on advancing the development of electric vehicles. Our dedicated focus on advancing sustainable transportation solutions underscores our commitment to innovation. For further insights into our pioneering work, we invite you to explore our official website at

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